What is branding anyway?

Far more than an attractive logo, branding is the embodiment of all of the touchpoints connected to a company and its products or services. Whether by design or chance, every business entity, from local merchants to global conglomerates project a brand image that impacts the way in which that business will be perceived. The fundamental difference between big and small lies in how well that “voice” is understood, communicated, and managed.

Why should it matter to you?

Principals of emerging businesses are visionaries in the most time-honored sense of the word. Whether in the retail, service, or manufacturing sector, they are people who have built their businesses from the ground up and have finally reached a point where they recognize the need for objective, professional assistance in meeting the market-driven challenges that they face in today’s fiercely competitive business environment. Those challenges may center around a changing customer demographic, new competition, a recent merger, or perhaps a business model out of sync with its target market.

With the understanding that at the heart of every sale is the overall customer experience of perceived quality, value, professionalism, and satisfaction, my team and I know how to get to the core of how your product or service is recognized and accepted in the marketplace and what it will take to elevate that perception — without having to reinvent the wheel.

How we’ll work together

Engaging my services typically consists of a three-stage process that involves a discovery session, an image audit, and the delivery of an action plan outlining strategic recommendations that will identify and leverage each client’s unique culture, strengths and weaknesses into a strong and influential brand voice; one intended to raise visibility, shape perception, reinforce credibility, and build customer preference and loyalty.

Following is a synopsis of each stage:


The discovery phase enables me to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and the challenges you face as it relates to this assignment. Topics covered include:
            • Business heritage and culture
            • Business products and/or services
            • Business condition and projections
            • Customer profiles
            • Strengths and weaknesses vis a vis competition
            • Current and projected marketing budget, and
            • Other topics that may impact on positioning


Next, I will review all current marketing strategies, materials, and conditions as they relate to:
            • Message positioning
            • Appropriateness and consistency
            • Audience reach and influence
            • Competition marketing
            • Work environment 

Action Planning

Finally, I will distill all of the information garnered into a series of strategic recommendations that include:
            • A candid assessment of current marketing efforts and materials
            • A critique and recommendations relating to your current graphic identity
            • Workplace recommendations
            • A repositioning strategy and
            • An implementation blueprint

At that juncture, you’ll have the option of engaging my team and I to implement all or some of these recommendations, or having your people carry them out with or without my supervision.